Day 33

The island is a planet. Man this is weird and impossible the “water” is well I don’t know what the water is, it could be space from the view of the island but that doesn’t explain how I can see the sun. I can’t tele out of here either.   

Day 27

it’s been at least 36 hours and the sun hasn’t gone down it’s getting to me and I can’t cut down the trees due to their massive size I’m thinking of leaving. I was going to as the treeman where the nearest mainland is but he’s not at his tree house,even though I’ve been awake for hours I’m not sleepy or anything so that’s weird anyway I’m not too thrilled to use the teleporter I got lucky this time but what happens if I do it again where will I end up?

Day 26

I found an old man inside a tree, he seems to be friendly if not a little strange his eye’s were gray his face was wrinkled and tanned by the sun that constantly sent rays down on the island like arrows raining down on an army charging to a castle. He wore a yellow top hat with orange spots and a brown shirt with red torn sweat pants, he wondered how I got there and what I was doing. I told him that my buddies left me here as a joke and that I have to stay here for three nights, he bought it then excused himself and went to his tree home. Perhaps I could have asked him for directions to another island, maybe I’ll do it later, the trees are interesting here they look like pine trees but are the size of Redwood trees very interesting nothing unusual here except the time I’ve been here for 23 hours and sun hasn’t set. 

Day 25 part 2

I’m alive!!! Holy hell, all I saw was some weird almost endless tunnel that was constantly moving, mostly wiggling from right to left. Colors random colors all shades of blues, yellows and greens. It’s hard to explain what I felt in there it was like I was wasn’t in motion everything around me was moving it was like those parts in movies you know the one where time is going fast but the main character is standing alone and everything is speeding past them. As for my location I couldn’t tell you where I am but there’s a beach because I’m on it maybe this is an island? I’m going to set up the base then go to bed hopefully I can just stay here.